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(G.S) Is an initiative that conducts series of events for young girls to explore, showcase, engage and exhibit their tech-driven innovations in addressing community matters that range from gender, education, politics, leadership, entrepreneurship, environment, and many more. It is the first biggest annual event in Tanzania that brings together young girls from secondary and high schools to connect, learn, build innovations and solutions for community problems as well as compete for prizes.

The Girls Summit paves a way for young girls to create the world they want to live in through competitions whereby winning innovations are being supported and awarded prizes such as medals, laptops, and tablets.

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Corporate partnerships

Social good and corporate innovation

By sponsoring our programs your organization is not only contributing to social good, but it is also an excellent opportunity to meet some of the most promising early stage female founders from your own industry.

Media partnerships

Gender diversity is not a women's issue. It is the world's interest.

Visibility, addressing unconscious bias, showing positive role models, encouraging more women to start their own business are all important means to create social change.

Help us to bring this topic to the table!

Other collaborations

We are always open for any kind of collaboration that is aligned with our mission.

Pls. contact us, so we can have a chat about how we can support each other.

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