A conversation with the 1st Prize Winners

A conversation with the 1st Prize Winners

Eshe, Maleo and Oliver are the first prize winners of the GES2018. They are students from Kondo secondary school, a public school located in Tegeta, Dar es Salaam. The school has approximately 1000 students both boys and girls. Here is the conversation we had with them after the event.

Congratulations on winning the GES first Prize! How did you feel when you were declared winners?

Thank you. It was a mix of joy and nervousness. The competition was tough and unpredictable. Even though we were well prepared, yet it was difficult to imagine ourselves as winner until we heard it from the judges themselves. It is really difficult to describe how happy we are. We thank God for this award.

How did you go about creating the idea you presented? Did you have several ideas or did you just have this one straight away?

We had other ideas but we decided to settle with the one we presented. Lack of sanitary pads is a problem we experience at our school and according to research we found that it is the problem facing many girls in schools, so we decided to come up with a vending machine solution so that girls will be able to access affordable sanitary pads while at schools.

Most of projects were good, why do you think yours deserved the first prize?

Eshe: We were fully prepared. We worked hard on our project collecting data from various researches. Also, we had something to show, which is a vendor machine we created. Other projects had little to show compared to us.

Maleo: Also, our project has one focus unlike other project which had too many solutions and complicated budget plans.

Oliver: According to what the judges said when announcing us as winners, they said our project has met the criteria such as sustainability, focus, tech-driven and budget possible.

How are you going to use the overall experience you have got from the summit?

We have learned a lot of things from the summit but most importantly the competition has taught us to always work for the best in whatever we are doing. The summit had many educative sessions as round table discussions with business experts, inspiration keynotes from successful women. The summit has been a catalyst for us to aspire for greater achievement.