A conversation with Roselyne Mariki, Judge and Speaker at the GES2018

A conversation with Roselyne Mariki, Judge and Speaker at the GES2018

  • You were on the judge’s panel during the summit, what were the overall criteria you considered on the GES?

We looked into factors such as i) Depth of research on the actual identified problem, ii) Innovation – how innovative is their idea/solution, iii) technology aspect either direct or indirect, in implementing the project, iv) impact both short and long term, v) affordability and sustainability.

  • Can you talk on any challenges the judges faced on determining/finding the winners?

All projects were very good, so it was very difficult to determine the winners. In a way, the fact that all the participants identified a problem, and worked on a solution was a rewarding moment to each. However, by the end of the day, there had to be a winner – a project that addresses a well-researched problem, has a solution that is very innovative, has used/is/will use technology to address it and will be sustainable once implemented.

  • Apart from winners, what was missing in the other projects that could have made them winners?

Some lacked enough research into the problem; Some were not focused (too many solutions, thus not practical); Some lacked the sustainability component; Some were too expensive to implement, without any possible options for funding; Some lacked the component of management (how the project will actually be implemented and managed); Some missed viable technology driven solutions.

  • Based on your experience in business leadership, what are your general remarks on the GES?

It is one of the best forums to bring out ideas, nurture them, and turn them into reality using tech. It is a forum that creates a positive lifetime impact on the lives Girls who participated or followed the Summit. It is a platform to bring change to the future of Tanzania through Female and through Technology.  Apps and Girls need to go beyond this to the next level of matching projects (all) with people or organizations that will take these projects into fruition. Match these to mentors, project developers, potential funders: potential partners who will develop them.

My general comments:

  • This was one of my best learning moments. I feel honored and blessed to be given an opportunity to be a part of the GES.
  • Inspirational/Motivational Talks:  It will be great to provide guidance on what to speak about but also how to/examples to use, etc. Some of the talks were ‘too deep’, and I felt that at that age, it may have been difficult for the students to understand.
  • While it is a challenge, but it is also a great opportunity to go beyond the borders of Dar es Salaam. We invite Apps and Girls and the US Embassy to come to Iringa – and impact the students who are less privileged and very much disadvantaged when it comes to technology.