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Create A Digital Generation

The Girls Summit (G.S) Is an initiative that conducts series of events for young girls to explore, showcase, engage and exhibit their tech-driven innovations in addressing community matters that range from gender, education, politics, leadership, entrepreneurship, environment any many more. It is the first biggest annual event in Tanzania that brings together young girls from secondary and high schools to connect, learn, build innovations and solutions for community problems as well as compete for prizes.

The Girl Summit paves a way for young girls to create the world they want to live in through competitions whereby winning innovations are being supported and awarded prizes such as medals, laptops and tablets. The summit focuses on young girls since they are active implementers of development initiatives in any community. We believe that if girls are equipped with necessary tools, they can quickly roll out the wheel of development to the next level.


Creating A Digital Generation

Third Winners

Gerezani secondary school is a government owned school located at Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam.  It is a mixture school..

A conversation with the 1st Prize Winners

Eshe, Maleo and Oliver are the first prize winners of the GES2018. They are students from Kondo secondary school,..

 Meet the second prize winners

Located at the city center, Jamhuri Secondary school is a government owned school estimated to have..